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Common Internet Slangs and How to Use Them

Have you been off from social media to detox or perhaps you just got carried away by your vacation? Either way, you find yourself "outdated" from the trends and the hot topics online.

If you are in that state, this blog is for you! Here, below, are the following slangs that you might want to learn:

1. Fire/Lit

This refers to a situation, thing, event, or just anything that you find amusing and awe-strucking.

"The concert last night was lit."

2. Big yikes

This means something awful or disliking. It can be used in replacement of "yikes—" its shorter version.

"Big yikes to your uncut nails!"

3. Periodt

This is used in occasions where you don't expect any rebuttal or disagreement — because you might have said something factual and generally true.

"Your character needs develepment. Periodt!"

4. Spitting facts

Usually seen when someone is truthfully correct in his/her stances or points of argument. This can also be found when the speaker is deliberately providing evidences that are genuinely accurate.

"The way he opposed the misogynistic stranger while spitting facts is mouth-gaping."


This is an acronym of "As far as I know."

"AFAIK, this method of cooking is trendy."


An acronym of "As far as I recall/remember."

"My friend used to live in this block AFAIR."

7. ABT

A shortened version of "about."

"That twitter thread is all abt discriminations experienced by LGBTQIA+."

8. IRL

This is an acronym of the phrase "In real life;" since almost every events these days are all online, people are using this to refer something out of the internet.

"She looks good irl."

9. IKR

Also, an acronym of the phrase "I know right." This means that you agree to someone's statement and are suggesting that you are in the same page. "IKR! He's so kind."

10. IDC

Lastly, this is an acronym of "I don't care."

"Do it your way, idc."

May you find this blog helpful in your grand comeback to your internet life. And if you still stumbled upon some hardly discernible slangs, it wouldn't hurt to ask.


Written By: Calixto III Del Rosario

Layout By: Calixto III Del Rosario

©Social Media Team, All rights reserved.

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khadija Naveed
khadija Naveed
Sep 19, 2022



erdenebolor B
erdenebolor B
Sep 16, 2022

I will try to use some of them. thank you~


I rarely use slang words, but it's always fun to know. especially the acronyms.

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