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Far Into The Woods: Camping as Recreational Activity

Youtube's algorithm may sometimes appear random, like how a camping vlog just suddenly popped out of nowhere. With no interest and knowledge prior to watching that video, you still clicked it in hopes of alleviating your boredom. That too happened to many other people.

These people who had no idea and/or clues about the know-hows of camping and its relief-offering benefits seem to take a liking after viewing it, in the same suit as yours truly. And after your first attempt, you got completely engrossed to it; perhaps, you find it relaxing and satisfying to watch. Whatever your reason may be, you just can't get over the drive to binge-watch more videos again and again. Worry not; this blog might be of help to you!

Here below are the youtube channels that may guide you in your camping journey:

1. Jojo Camping - 조조 캠핑

2. RYUCAMP - 류캠프

3. Yoyocamp

4. Picnic Love

5. 조화영 조아용 JOA

Try to check these channels out! They all offer good camping content, especially those under the cloak of rain. To relieve your boredom while still feeling no guilt for doing other things, watching these satisfying videos will help you a lot in easing the tensions that you are experiencing. Enjoy!


Written By: Calixto III Del Rosario

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Kunzank D
Kunzank D
Oct 05, 2022

I finally read it and what finely written it is. 💕💕💕


such a good healing activity :))

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