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My Best Friend’s Experience Visiting Jeju Island

It is a tour that gives the visitors an opportunity to experience the beauty of Jeju Island. It focuses on the peculiarities of the geological structure of the island, the fine sand and pebbles on the coast, and the cultural richness of the region. The view is quite appealing to the eyes as it gives the viewers a virtual tour of this beautiful island.

Another interesting place that must be visited is Hallasan Mountain which is the highest point of South Korea and it is even a volcanic one although it is extinct. The mountain has many scenic trails and other interesting terrains hence making it a perfect place for a hiker. The audience is privileged to feast on aerial views of the mountain and the dense forests around it.

His trip also introduces tourists to the waterfalls in Jeju Island such as the Cheonjiyeon Falls and Jeongbang Falls. These delightful waterfalls flow through rocks and provide beautiful scenes for tourist to be amazed by.


Another interesting site is the beautiful beaches of Jeju Island that are not spoiled by a large number of tourists. As seen from Hyeopjae Beach’s clear blue waters to the curved shore of Hamdeok Beach, the show gives the audiences a glimpse of how the island looks like.

Jeju Island is also special for its cultural and historical landmarks. The Jeju Haenyeo, female divers who are famous for their free-diving skills are presented wearing their cultural costumes. It also tours the Jeju Folk Village Museum where traditional houses and relics are on display to give an insight into the island’s past.


In general, Jeju Island trip offers the beautiful scenery of Jeju Island and its attractions, as well as the island’s history. It is a perfect reflection of the island’s enchantment and encourages the viewers to come and discover it themselves.


Written by: Siva Nanthini

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