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Shall We Go Traveling? Exhibition in Seoul

Written by : Essential Expat Experiences and Elhakim Ahmed Adel

Seoul art museums are unlike those anywhere else in the world. Instead of white walls and sterile exhibits protected by velvet ropes and watchful guards, more and more art museums are creating interactive exhibitions, where guests are encouraged to create their own art.

These ‘Instagram exhibitions’ are a combination of an art and photography studio, with sets for guests to pose for photos and hashtags to encourage people to share their snaps on social media. Exhibitions such as these are a wonderful to get younger people interested in the art scene, and some of the best examples can be found at the Ttukseom Museum in Seongsu.

Lately, we all have been experiencing the difficulties of the global pandemic, from travel restrictions to health concerns and the severe psychological stress. Ways to relax have became increasingly hard to find due to strict social distancing. 여행할까요 (Shall We Go Traveling?), the latest Ttukseom Museum exhibition, allows visitors to enjoy an interactive environment, become part of the exhibit and take photos throughout. The idea is to mimic the feeling you get while going for a trip, the only difference being that it’s only few steps away from Ttukseom station in the heart of Seoul!

The entrance of the museum is designed to look like an airport, with staff dressed as flight attendants and tickets modeled after airline tickets. After purchasing your ticket (12,000 won for a weekend visit and 10,000 on weekdays), you start by boarding an airplane! The first room looks like a private plane and makes you feel like a billionaire, and you can take photos convincing enough to fool your friends into thinking that you are going on an exotic trip.

In the second room you’ve arrived on a beautiful tropical island, surrounded by sand, palm trees, and crates that have washed ashore. This is the first room where you can see the beautiful paintings on display. Countless works by artists including Da-yeon Hwang and Jenny Kwak line the walls, and you should slowly work your way through the room to make sure you don’t miss anything!

In the next room the exhibition beings shows it’s true intention, with a documentary about ocean pollution. It’s a bit of a shock to after the colorful and fun previous room, but this sudden change of tone helps to drive the environmental-protection message home. In the next room guests walk through a second beach scene, except this one is full of trash and photos showing the kind of waste that is filling our oceans.

The highlight of the gallery is what we called the Northern Lights room. A beautiful light show reflected on the walls that makes you feel like you’re in at North Pole, witnessing the mesmerizing glow of the arctic night sky.This last room is the one Instagram users will be drawn to! Guests can stand in the light to take photos, and watch the colors wash over their shadows against the wall. The quiet in the room helps create a peaceful feeling, and this is perhaps the room we spent the most time in.

Not all fun and games, the creators tried to give the visitors a meaningful take home message. By incorporating a subtle yet, clear message about the importance of keeping our earth alive! Environmental awareness is the only way to preserve our beautiful nature for the future, shown with wall writings and videos which showcase the damage being done and to try and raise awareness of the issue. Overall, it was an experience worth doing. If you miss the sensation you get when traveling, or you’re looking for a way to enjoy a day off with friends taking photos, this is the place for you! Especially if you want to avoid the crowds or trying to stay warm inside in the colder nights to come. The hours of operation and address are as follows: 여행갈까요 월요일 오전 11:00 - 오후 7:00 입장마감 18:00 뚝썸미술관 서울특별시 성동구 아차산로 33 지하 1층 Shall We Go Traveling? Monday to Sunday from 11:00 to 19:00 (last entry at 18:00) Ttukseom Museum Seoul Seongdong-gu Achasan-ro 22 - B1 For more information: Tickets:

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