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Some of Korean Revenge Drama in 2023

Korean dramas have significantly expanded their genres, capturing the attention of binge-watchers worldwide. The year 2023 brought to light several underrated K-dramas that delivered outstanding performances and deserve to be on your watch playlist.

Revenge tales are a tried-and-true staple of k-drama storytelling, whether the protagonists want their day in court or aim to exact bloody retribution. Last year ended with the revenge story Reborn Rich and 2023 began with the second part of The Glory, in which Song Hye-kyo avenges the brutality inflicted on her during high school.

Characters went on to exact revenge in the second season of Taxi Driver, in the historical drama Oasis, in the dramas Dr. Cha, Delightfully Deceitful, Bloodhounds, Lies Hidden In My Garden, Big Bet, Worst of Evil, Numbers, Celebrity, Pandora, Payback, The Killing Vote and Vigilante. Sometimes the need for revenge endured through multiple lifetimes. In Moon In The Day a man seemed to have been killed by his lover in a past life, which complicated their present-day relationship.

The Killing Vote

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A vigilante K-drama that explores the dark side of humans! ‘The Killing Vote’, starring Park Hae-jin, Park Sung-woong, and Lim Ji-yeon, is about a mysterious and popular figure who uses surveys and texts to put criminals to death. He is that vigilante who takes up the baton of killing criminals if 50% of the people vote in favor of it. The show has 16 episodes and its intriguing plot is sure to keep you on the edge.


Vincenzo is another one of the best revenge K-dramas. It is about a Korean-Italian mafia lawyer, Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong-Ki), and his revenge plan on a big corporation. He joins forces with attorney Hong Cha-Young (Jeon Yeo-Bin), who wants to avenge her father’s death.

The romance, thriller, and comedy drama deals with a social justice storyline as well. TaecYeon, Kwak Dong-Yeon, Jo Han-Chul, Yoo Jae-Myung, and Yoon Byung-Hee are also the main actors in the series.

The Glory


The Glory is the 2022 series considered one of the best revenge K-dramas. When Moon Dong-Eun (Song Hye-Kyo) was in high school, she dreamt of becoming an architect. But she dropped out of school because of ruthless bullies. Dong-Eun decides to seek revenge as an adult. She becomes the teacher at one of her bullies’ kid’s school, where her plan to torment her tormentor begins.


Written by: Khadija Naveed

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