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The beauty of learning Korean

Learning Korean has gained a lot of popularity over the years, scientifically speaking it is a language that has a very simple structure and it is a great help that this is this way because it makes easier for foreigners to learn how to write and speak with great ease, Hangul alphabet it's phonetic, which means that the consonants and vowels are directly related with the articulation to pronounce them.

For the people who speaks romance languages or that has Latin as a common root, have a bit easier the learning of Korean language, the first element we can recall is the writing, comparing the Chinese or Japanese that has a couple of different syllabary alphabets, the Korean alphabet it’s only one, it’s compound of consonants and vowels, thus it's really similar to the Latin or romance alphabets.

The second aspect we can check is how we can conjugate verbs, it does not matter the person who you are referring when we conjugate the verb, this means even if you refer to yourself, to a man or a women it maintains the same the way how it’s express the action, so we can say it’s a simpler way to describe things in the Korean language; it should be noted that it is pretty rare to use pronouns, even if they exist, are not commonly used.

The third thing we should remark it’s that it exists many anglicism, so even if they’re written in Korean they sound like an English word .

Finally some advice we can share at the moment of learning Korean are the following:

• As any other language you may know, it needs practice, and a bit of memory at the first months but try to practice every day what you've learned

• Secondly try to listen to music, watch series or movies and try to learn new vocabulary and enhance the pronunciation, hearing the language makes it easier to memorize words and learn in a fun and easier way.

• Thirdly we suggest learning a bit of Korean culture , it will make it easier to learn how to use the correct expressions or honorifics according to the culture and situation.

All of this is based on my experience learning other languages, I'm new to learning Korean but this method has worked really good for me in learning English and basic Japanese.

Hope everyone liked the article and feel a bit more motivated to learn this beautiful language :D




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Kunzank D
Kunzank D

Very informative and helpful, the blog is amazing.

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