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The Beauty of "Puncak Songolikur"

Many young people spend their holidays enjoying the beauty of nature in various countries. Hiking is a way to get to know nature and get to know yourself. We are often amazed by the beauty of the mountain peaks and the cold temperatures that are rarely found in Indonesia. However, there is one hiking journey that will make us not only meet the natural atmosphere but also spiritual and even mystical. That is called Puncak 29 pronounced as "Puncak Songolikur", one of the phenomenon peaks in the Muria Kudus Mountain.

Behind the 1,602 MDPL of "Puncak Songolikur"

Every trip must have a special impression, including the journey to "Puncak Songolikur". Before reaching 1,602 MPDL, we need to know what challenges we will face during our ascent. Beginners are advised to prepare themselves, although hiking to "Puncak Songolikur" or also known as "Puncak Saptorenggo" can be started from half way, by renting a motorcycle taxi at the hiking post of Rahtawu Village to "Sendang Bunton". That will be enough to help beginners reduce the burden of worry halfway through the journey.

However, if you want to fully enjoy the romance of climbing Puncak 29 from start to finish, the trail seems to circle the mountains in a zigzag mode. So don't be confused if it feels very long, because this is the hallmark of each "Puncak Songolikur". Halfway through the full journey, we will meet Sendang Bunton as a start for the climb for motorcycle taxi renters. There will be many stalls that offer warm drinks such as coffee or ginger and also fried noodles or soup noodles. Here we can also rest while cleaning ourselves because public bathrooms are provided.

Towards the end of the climb, the challenges are getting tougher, so it is recommended to reduce the load so that it is not difficult to balance yourself during the journey. Because the incline is quite steep for climbers, which is 45 degrees of incline. With rocky paths that are sometimes fragile and slippery ground, especially after the rain. This really must be considered, so that we can enjoy the climb with a nice impression. After difficulties there must be joy to come, when we reach the top of the peak we will see the beautiful appearance of the peaks of the mountain and the surrounding ocean that surrounds Puncak 29. Don't forget to prepare your camera, even though there is no better lens than our eyes. But the paradise of Puncak 29 will relieve the tiredness and fatigue of climbing which will disappear instantly, these memories we must also keep.

Mystery at Puncak Songolikur

One of the social uniqueness in Asian society is the mystical aspect which is very strongly combined with the history of the ancestral things. Appreciative attitude to predecessors, whether the figure of the King, spiritual teacher or local figures who have contributed in various aspects of life.

The interesting thing that we will find both on the way up and down from Puncal 29 is that there are several people who come not only to enjoy nature but also specifically to make pilgrimages, pray and do the rituals. In fact, many also came with their children and wives. This trip is an attempt to reach the shrines of the puppet characters, including the "Petilasan Eyang Ismaya" at the foot of the mountain and "Petilasan Eyang Hyang Wenang" which is at the peak. These "petilasan" are colored with flowers and incense for rituals. Those who used to come all the way to the top were to ask for the blessings and safety of the ancestors in the Muria Mountain.


Written By: Etika Sukma Adiyanti

Layout By: Etika Sukma Adiyanti

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Oct 06, 2022

Interesting article, thanks for sharing 🙌🏻


Kunzank D
Kunzank D
Oct 05, 2022

You good me hooked on the spiritual word, in goes my bucket list.


khadija Naveed
khadija Naveed
Sep 29, 2022

Etika great job

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