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Who are the vegetarian stars?

1. Tzuyu (TWICE)

In June 2020, Tzuyu announced that she had recently become a vegetarian. With Momo and Chaeyoung, they cut down on the consumption of red meat and now only eat fish.

2. Lee Hyo-ri

In 2011, It was revealed that Lee Hyo-ri (former member of Fin.K.L.) became a vegetarian. The girl only eats vegetables with seafood, sometimes squid and fish.


3. Im Soo-jung

Im Soo-jung, Korea's most famous vegetarian celebrity, had to reconsider her diet five years ago when she discovered she was allergic to animal protein. Soo-jung had to go on a vegan diet, but she loved it so much that she shared information on vegan restaurants and meal options on Instagram to promote Korean veganism.


4. Claudia Kim (Kim Soo-hyun)

Claudia Kim, who played Nagani in "Fantastic Beast 2," is also a vegetarian in reality. In fact, the actor is a "pescatarian". Last year, he appeared on "Point of Omniscient Interfere," a program that follows busy star schedules, and coined the term "pescatarian". "Pescetarianism are vegetarians who eat seafood and dairy products", - Claudia said.


5. Tiffany (Girls' Generation)

In September, Tiffany revealed that she was following a vegetarian diet for five out of seven days. According to the singer, changing at least one meal a day will already help you feel healthy and appreciate the environment.



Somi also confessed that she became a vegetarian for a month. The idol revealed to fans on V-Live in October 2018 that he was eating less meat and following a vegetarian diet. One of the idol's hobbies is finding a good restaurant she wants to go. Because in Korea it is pretty difficult to find a place where meat is not served.

@somsomi0309 사진=하다라보

7. Lee Hanee

Another Korean celebrity who has given up meat is Lee Hanee. The girl is not only a successful actress, but also the winner of the Miss Korea 2006 beauty pageant. And yes, Hanee is a pescatarian. After reading Jeremy Rifkin's book on beef in college, she decided to refrain from meat. Also, due to the fact that her brother suffers from lactose intolerance and is himself a vegan, the whole family decided to switch to vegetarianism.


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